Since 1996
mechanical machining for third parties.
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Since 1996
mechanical machining for third parties.


Thanks to our long time experience we can satisfy every requirement of the high precision mechanical turning field.


We always focus on the wellbeing of work environment and machines with a continue involvement of our human resources to improve our productive processes.

Food industry

Our operators work on auto control, verifying every details of the process through specific mechanical tools.

Medical industry

We specialized in the processing of suitable materials like stainless steel using instrumental or dedicated machines.

Chiarini Machining srl

Since 1996 mechanical machining for third parties.

High quality, innovations and continuous investments on mechatronic and advanced technologies combined with a great attention to internal processes make Chiarini Tornerie Srl one of the most advanced companies in the mechanical industry field.

Thanks to our team’s technical knowledge and to the expertise of our management we have already obtained great results.


Chiarini Machining has a long time experience in mechanical processing different materials (steel, stainless steel, titanium, aluminium, copper and their alloys) that allows us to face even the most complex projects and challenges, maintaining constant high standards and precision in both quality and productive processes.